Art is a freedom of expression, not a freedom of choice nor obligation to perfect one's viewpoint.-Monique L. Smith
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This is an online portfolio showcasing my work in: Web, Graphics & Other Medias. In need of a printing job? From photo printing to custom checks, consider Vistaprint., "Delivering Creativity Beyond All Expectations".

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Tshirt Designs

Otsunaaji [pronounced "Oh-sue-nah-gee"] meaning "Spicy Taste" in Japanese, is an online tshirt store dedicated to producing tshirt designs inspired by Japanese animation and other art styles.
All artwork is designed in Adobe Illustrator and drawn on a Graphics Tablet.

Otsunaaji Tshirt Designs:

Sweet Ecstasy

Candy Frenzy

Born to Be Beautiful

Enjoy Life, Live It Up!


Cute Creatures-Design for Babies & Kids

I Love Watching Anime, It Keeps Me Sane!-Women's Version

I Love Watching Anime, It Keeps Me Sane!-Men's Version

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